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Services & Pricing

You can choose our services à la carte, or you can bundle our services for premier pricing.

Phase 1: Rough Clean

• The Rough Clean occurs during the construction period. More specifically, the Rough Clean begins once the construction workers have finished the plumbing, electrical and framing stage.

• At this stage, our team can access the site and remove debris, trash, stickers, and clean the area prior to the start of the next construction stage.


• After the Rough Clean construction workers and specialists typically install flooring, cabinetry and paint.

Phase 2: Final Clean

• The Final Clean occurs after construction on the site is completed. This is the most thorough cleaning stage, and will typically take our team several days to complete.

• This stage encompasses deep cleaning every square inch of the home, including:

– Vacuuming walls, ceilings, tile and hardwood floors and carpets

– Bathroom tubs, showers and toilets

– Light fixtures

– Ceiling fans

– Kitchen appliances

– Countertops and backsplashes

– Interior and exterior cabinets and drawers

– Sinks and faucets

– Hardwood floor detailing

– Interior windows and window frames

– Baseboards and windowsills

– Doors and frames

– Millwork and trim

– Mirrors

– Closets

– Paint splatter

Phase 3: Exterior Clean

• The Exterior Clean can happen in coordination with the Final Clean phase.


• This stage encompasses:

– Removal of small debris

– Power washing exterior surfaces (patios, decks, walkways)

– Cleaning exterior windows

– Gutter cleaning

Phase 4: Touch-Up Clean

• The Touch-Up Clean service has been very appealing to both building contractors and realtors.

• This stage occurs just prior to your client moving into their new or newly renovated home and includes sanitizing and cleaning:

– Bathroom
– Floors
– Hard surfaces
– Lighting
– Window sills
– Door and cabinet knobs
– Ceiling fans

• This is a great gift to give to your clients just prior to them “moving home”.

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